The second issue of the SSHM newsletter is out!

From the new issue of the SSHM newsletter, a note from Head of Department Professor Nikolas Rose:

“Welcome to the second of our regular newsletters. As you will see, it has been a very exciting time in our new Department, as many new transdisciplinary research projects come on line, our national and transnational policy engagement increases, and our student body at all levels begins to grow. 

This newsletter gives some idea of the breadth of our research and engagement activities – from simulating the human brain to policies to combat inequalities in later life; from pharmaceutical regulation to situated ethics in clinical trials; from cognitive enhancement to the legacy of war and trauma – all focussed on central issues of health, disease, ageing and medicine in a global context. In the midst of this activity, our move to our new accommodation – still on the Strand Campus – is well under way, with newly converted dedicated space that will enable us to house our growing  community of researchers and visitors and provide upgraded facilities to support their work.

Our programme of workshops, round-tables, seminars and ‘conversations’ brings together social scientists and bioethicists from across King’s, and increasingly from across London and elsewhere. We are committed to becoming a global hub to support and encourage interdisciplinary debate and research on social, political, legal and ethical issues on health, illness and ageing. 

For full details of all our activities, do visit our website – there are many opportunities to visit, to collaborate, to propose joint research and much more. We look forward to hearing from you!”

A huge THANK YOU to the editorial team of the newsletter, the fantastic trio Nicole Batsch, Tara Mahfoud, and Sebastian Rojas Navarro! You can read the full electronic version of the newsletter here.

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