Misleading drug promotion – A failure of pharmaceutical industry self-regulation?

We have the pleasure to invite you to our next SSHM Seminar Series event in which Dr. Shai Mulinari will present his work on “Misleading drug promotion – A failure of pharmaceutical industry self-regulation?”  will be followed by two discussants – Prof. John Abraham and Dr. Courtney Davis –  who will provide additional insight from their respective perspectives.

Dr Shai Mulinari

Dr Shai Mulinari

Abstract: Pharmaceutical companies engage in promotional activities to exert influence over drug prescription and consumption. Industry representatives assert that promotions serve to educate doctors and support rational prescribing and use of drugs, but there is a growing body of research documenting misleading claims and fraudulent promotional activities by industry. In many countries promotional claims and activities are governed by a voluntary code of practice administered by industry’s own system of self-regulation. As in other areas (e.g. environmental and labor protection), the issue of industry self-regulation vs. conventional state regulation is a contested terrain. However, despite longstanding debate, there is a paucity of empirical studies of pharmaceutical industry self-regulation of drug promotion. Against this background, this lecture will present work on the regulation of drug promotion in the EU, UK and Sweden, including the promotion of antidepressants in medical journals advertisements.

Dr. Shai Mulinari holds a post-doc position at the Department of Gender Studies at Lunds University. His biomedical research focused on how cells change shape during embryonic development and how this affects the appearance of tissues in the embryo. Shai’s social science research concerns fields such as medical sociology, political sociology, and science and technology studies (STS). Current research includes studies on the history of depression research, the regulation of the pharmaceutical industry in Sweden and the EU, and research policy. Currently, Shai is a visiting research fellow at SSHM.

The Seminar will take place on Wednesday 20th November from 12:00-13:30 in K6.63, King’s Building, Strand Campus (please note that the room is different from our usual location!).

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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